image012.jpgSuitable reading for undergraduates and for those who wants to get a quick grasp of basic understanding of research methodology. Each chapter includes mind maps for easy retrieval of key information pertaining to research.

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image014.jpgThis book provides a good reading on the Malaysian Economy. The chapters were contributed by different scholars who specialized in different issues of the Malaysian economy e.g. political, industrial policy, social and others. My contribution is the chapter 6 of the book that discusses the issues of innovation and technological progress including S&T and industrial policy evolution in Malaysia. The book is a perfect reading for those of you who are interested in knowing the progress of the Malaysian economy. Most part of the book’s content is based on current research findings of the scholars themselves. Sample

This book explains the supply chain management (SCM) definition, history and how it has become an increasingly popular terminology used to describe the purchasing purposes. Many companies have moved aggressively to improve supply chain management in order to balance customers’ demands with the need for profitable growth. Therefore, to help managers decide how to proceed, the authors revisited the supply chain initiatives undertaken by the most successful manufacturers and distilled from their experience seven fundamental principles of supply chain management. The practice of supply chain management is a very recent phenomenon. Many organisations are beginning to realise the benefits and problems that accompany an integrated supply chain. As markets for the supply chain grow, so too must the supply chain. Therefore the issues in supply chain have also increase. It can be seen when the supply chain dynamic today is changing, and companies are now working with firms located all over the globe to coordinate to purchasing, manufacturing, and logistics activities. The book is suitable for students, academic, consultants and managers who wish to gain a fundamental knowledge and understanding of supply chain management.

Malaysia’s Quest for Innovation:Progress and Lessons Learned

This book provides an overview of the country’s macroeconomic performance, followed by a brief summary of the key features of the nation’s National Innovation Systems, the innovation performance, the key actors of the NIS, business sector innovation, human resources and a SWOT analysis of the STI.